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Good psychosocial work environment and mental health requires active commitment from both management and staff.

ACT! uses interactive methods, creative tools and actors to engage employees and management in the process of good psychosocial work environment.


Psychosocial work environment - Involve the staff

A process of psychosocial work environment and mental health with ACT! focuses on: 

  • employee welfare - that are proven to strengthen the company's foundation in a sustainable development process
  • ownership and commitment about psychosocial work environment and mental health among the staff
  • direct involvement of staff ressources in a joint process on psychosocial work environment
  • active knowledge sharing and preparation of plans of action around conflict resolution, crisis management, bullying, etc.


ACT!'s work is based on a systemic perspective with an appreciative approach to communication.
We always customize methods and process to the company's specific needs.


Contact ACT! for a talk about how you can work interactively with mental health.