Methods - interactive theater

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ACT! don't just talk - we act!

This is the foundation for our work with organizational development, change processes, leadership development and human resource development - from thought to action!


Interactive theater provides learning and engagement

Involvement, reflection and knowledge is the focal point in all our methods. Participants will actively engage and create the solutions themselves.

Interactive theater generates dedicated employees with a common frame of reference and a good starting point for knowledge sharing and a common workplace culture.

We use various interactive learning processes - for example, interactive theater and other processes that activates participants directly - engaging with each other or with our professional corporate actors.


Learning as a bodily experience - Practicing reality

New knowledge and new behavior anchors itself quickly when you practice life-like situations with a professional actor - for example in interactive theater. 
This is because you involve the body and senses to acquire this new knowledge. This means that the training becomes concrete knowledge and experience that can be used in everyday life.

ACT!'s work is also based on a systemic approach.

What is systemic thinking? (in DanisH) 


ACT! customizes all solutions

Common to all our services is that we customize all processes in close cooperation with the customer, so the method used depends on the type and nature of the specific project.