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Organizational development with ACT! is based on the idea that it's people and their relationships that forms the heart of the company.

We facilitate creative learning with companys through either workshops, courses or long term processes.


Organizational development starts with the individual

Organizational development with ACT! is based on both the skills of the individual and his/her perception of reality together with the interpersonal relationships in the workplace.

A company develops optimally when there is room for reflection and development of the individual. This ensures commitment to organizational developement and changes.


Creative organizational development gives access to tacit knowledge

When we use creative tools for organizational development, the company will have access to a tacit knowledge of employees and managers.

Through fiction we create both recognizability and distance, so that participants get a chance to articulate challenging issues and relationships.


Organizational development and improvisation

Organizational development with theater methods is an effective way to challenge an accustomed way of thinking and create room for development.
The ability to improvise in a changing world is one of the fundamental goals in our training of managers and employees.

Organizational development with creative processes involve both rationality, intuition, emotions and senses. This allows employees to reflect differently than they normally would.


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