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A change process challenges traditional tasks, routines, structures and a workplace culture of 'we usually...' .

Whether a change is about globalization, mergers, restructuring etc. it takes time for the company's employees and management to adapt.


Change process and change leadership with ACT!

Through a process with ACT! the participants get the opportunity to create meaning in a potentially chaotic situation.

Ambiences and thoughts are turned into mutual understanding and constructive solutions through cultural adaptation. A change leadership and change process using methods from the world of theater.


A course with ACT! about the change process can include:

  • Kick-off seminar about the change process.
  • Forum theater: actors makes difference in opinions and dilemmas visible and concrete.
  • Coaching in change management.
  • Communication training with reflecting teams.

A course about change process and change leadership is always customized in collaboration with you and your corporation.


With ACT! as a participant in a change process you will obtain:

  • Sharing knowledge and information about the change process and change leadership.
  • Active involvement of both management and employees.
  • Clarification of workplace values ​​and culture.
  • Visualization of ambiences, attitudes and challenges in a change process.
  • Discussion and reflection on patterns of behavior and solutions.
  • Common language and positions in relation to the change process.
  • Insight in change leadership and the leader's perspective.
  • Development of an action plan for implementation.

Contact ACT! and lean more about how we can help anchor a change process in your company.

ACT! has worked with change process with Grundfos, the Municipality of Aarhus and Favrskov Business Council: References in Danish.