HRD - Human Resource Developement


Appreciative communication, self-management, team collaboration, knowledge sharing - these are important elements of HRD / staff developement.

ACT! creates learning within HRD, where we create shared visions and work towards a common collegial culture.

Participants are becoming aware of each other's skills and perspectives and are becoming better at working together as a team. This will make staff development a benefit to both the individual employee, the team and the company as a whole.


Collaboration leads to HRD

HRD with ACT! focuses on collaboration in a team.
Either by improving or by enhancing an already good collaboration and mutual respect in the team.

Whenever a team is pulling in the same direction to achieve a goal, they strengthen:

  • knowledge exchange and use of each others' skills
  • a common understanding of objectives and approaches
  • commitment to problem solving
  • commitment to each other
  • joint responsibility for team results.


Staff development with interactive methods

HRD with ACT! generates active and engaged participants through interactive methods.

When employees are involved and engaged, they achieve a common frame of reference and take an active stance in their everyday work lives and colleagueship.


HRD requires a shift in perspective

ACT! creates a shift in perspective and gives participants the opportunity to come up with and test new solutions.
This is put into action through the forum theater.

The framework for HRD with ACT! will be planned in close collaboration with the company.


Contact ACT! if you want to work with staff development using interactive methods.

ACT! is also working actively with mental working environment.