Communication training


ACT! provides communication training, that suit your specific needs.
Focus can be sales training, personal communication, the difficult conversation, employee performance, leadership training etc.

Communication training with ACT! focus on practical training and role playing.

You will train with a professional corporate actor and your communication will be put to the test in fictional situations with recognizable challenges.


The benefits of communication training

Communication training with actors from ACT! gives you:

  • Training in customized cases that suits individual challenges
  • Communication training with a fictitious but realistic counterpart
  • Feedback on your body language and how the counterpart experiences the situation
  • Awareness of your body language and the signals you send
  • Greater awareness of your own reaction patterns
  • Greater confidence and peace of mind because you have trained many different situations
  • Training in time pressure, interruptions and adaptability.


Individual-based communication training

Our starting point is you as an individual, what you already master, what you would like to improve and how you can optimize your current performance.

Usually, communication training persists in groups, where each participant train with the actor facing a reflecting team of colleagues.




Contact ACT! to hear about your options for costumized communication training with actors.