M&A - Merger and acquisition


When companies merge or departments is in the process of a merger, it demands a lot of energy from employees and management.

ACT! anchors the company's values ​​among employees and management during a merger by involving and actively engaging employees in the process.


Successful merger requires transparency

It may be necessary to unite several very different corporate cultures and it is important, that companies or departments pull in the same direction when merged.

A process with ACT! about merger and acquisition is focused on becoming aware of which corporate values ​​the organization wishes to hold on to after the merger.
Differences should be discussed openly, and a new, common set of values created.


Merger involving employees

In order to ensure a succesful merger of workplace cultures, all involved should be aware of the perspectives and really feel that they themselvees can help create a better organization with clear values ​​and vision.

ACT! ensure engagement and sense of community in a merger by involving employees and management actively. This is done through interactive theater techniques and a systemic, appreciative approach to communication.




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