Outplacement can be an important element for companies which are to lay off many employees and / or who want to help their employees move on after a layoff.

Outplacement with ACT! can be done in groups or individually.


Outplacement learned in the body

ACT! can add interactive courses and physical practice to your excisting outplacement, ensuring commitment and ownership of the process of outplacement.

In the interactive outplacement process, we clarify the former employee's own forces.
And because outplacement courses with ACT! are practical and concrete, participants from all professions and levels of education can be reached equally effectively.


Replacing - training the job interview

Training the job interview is done as an experimental zone where the individual gets the opportunity to try out different approaches to the job interview - with no consequences in real life.
Outplacement with these methods result in a bodily experience and familiarity of the interview situation.

Each participant practice job interviews with a process actor from ACT! and a reflecting team of other participants.


Outplacement and network training

Network training is focused on how participants develop and maintain a good presentation of themselves in other contexts than in the job interview.

Participants obtain tools to become aware of and take control of their intermediation of themselves so they can act purposefully in networking situations.

  • WHAT is a good story to tell about me?
  • WHY do you need to know this about me?
  • HOW do I tell you this in the best possible way?


Managers can train the dignified dismissal

Dismissal comes prior to outplacement. We help managers and HR consultants in practicing the dignified dismissal.
Difficult conversations can be facilitated by training in a safe forum with professional actors.


Contact ACT! and learn more about how you can supplement your outplacement with interactive training.