The world is changing fast and the complexity is increased. This places new demands on speed, quality, flexibility, knowledge sharing, learning and readiness for change.


Innovation leadership

Good innovation leadership plays a central role in the innovation process.
Relationships and skills within the organization is to be connected in new ways to enhance innovation capability.

Therefore, good innovation leadership requires the leader to be able to create change.
Innovation leadership with ACT! develop the leader through practical training of competencies in relations, negotiation as well as creating meaning and context.


Innovation leadership and improvisation

Training of innovation leadership with ACT! means that leaders develop:

  • room for action within the individual leader through awareness and communication training
  • use of process tools and reflection on their own innovation processes
  • shorter reaction time when change occurs 
  • ability to improvise and respond to unexpected twists in an innovation process.


Innovation process with all resources

ACT! ensures commitment to an innovation process by involving all employees' skills. A creative innovation process with ACT! involves both rationality, intuition, emotions and senses among employees.

In an innovation process with ACT! we train communication, collaboration, improvisation and the ability to think innovatively.
A good innovation process can include illustration plays, forum theater and the like.


Innovation process focuses on:

  • including other skills and other aspects of one self
  • collaboration as a basis for best results
  • "testing" products through live illustration plays during the innovation process.

Contact ACT! and learn how we can improve your innovation process or innovation leadership.

ACT! participated in an innovation process for Novo Nordisk. (reference in Danish)