A conversation about redeployment is one of the leader's tasks that require extraordinary attention.
Redeployment is a naturally occurring corporate disposition, but can also be an emotionally difficult task that will never become routine.


Redeployment demands preparation

It is imperative that both leaders and HR consultants feel particularly well prepared in order to make the conversation dignified.
This preparation can be as a specific training of redeployment conversations with a professional actor.

By practicing redeployment conversations with a professional actor the leader achieves practical experience with the situation - but with no real-life consequences.


Practicing conversations about redeployment

Besides ensuring a dignified conversation about the redeployment, the communication should be conducted in accordance with the values of the organization or corporation.
In order to create confidence, it is essential that the whole process is coordinated and acts out in accordance with agreed frameworks and conditions.

ACT! can facilitate a value process that helps leaders and HR consultants to clarify how the redeployment conversations should take place. This can be done as a creative, participatory process, forum play or forum theater.


Knowledge about - and practicing of redeployment:

  • Establishment of the company's common framework
  • Interaction with the management and / or HR department on how the difficult conversations should be handled
  • Knowledge of the employees possible reactions to the redeployment and training in how to deal with it
  • Inspiration for making plans of action before, during and after the redeployment conversations
  • Review of the difficult conversation
  • Review of the leader's, observer's and the HR dept. most important tasks
  • Focus on the remainig staff.

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