Company values ​​are the foundation for collaboration, work, strategies and leadership.

We put the organization's values ​​actively into play in a creative process so that implementation of both values ​​and corporate culture becomes real and relevant to employees and leaders.


Values should be implemented

Company values ​​are not made to remain an abstract vision, but to be recognized and experienced daily by both clients and employees.
Implementation of company values ​​has succeeded when employees and leaders are engaged in a specific and targeted effort with the company values.

A process about values ​​with ACT! can take place with forum theater, forum plays, illustration plays or creative process facilitation with interactive tools.


Values during change

A new company culture are often generated during change processes or mergers.

A forum theater process on values ​​creates a space for articulating similarities and differences between the two corporate cultures.
The process engages and involves all employees in a common understanding of a new overall corporate culture.
In this way we ensure that the everyday story, that employees tell about the company, matches the official brand.


Values ​​in action

There are many opportunities to work actively in a process about values:

  • Forum theatre as a kick start on a longer process about the overall company values
  • Illustration plays for concrete illustration of the challenges of mergers
  • Creative process that creates discussion and knowledge sharing about values ​(corporate culture, respect, collaboration and responsibility)
  • Forum theater allows you to see the corporate culture from several angles - this creates an understanding of the opinions and motives of others which are conducive to good collaboration 
  • Forum plays puts employees "on stage" with their own inputs and understanding of values.


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