Conflict management


Conflicts will arise whenever people work together, and they can be rewarding and stimulating in order for things to develop in the work place. Conflicts often occur from the clashing of different perspectives.

ACT! allows participants to work with conflict management in the workplace through practical exercises that actively involves employees.
Conflict management can be approached with interactive theater and other creative methods.


Conflict managment in groups

Interactive theater on conflict management can illustrate everyday challenges in a way that encourages you to discuss how to handle conflicts.
Conflict management with interactive methods implies that the process is recognizable and yet distanced and at the same time creates a common frame of reference among the employees.
Through theater, we create the possibility of shifting the perspective among the participants in order to see things from the counterpart's point of view.  


Dilemma play with built-in conflict

Corporate actors from ACT! creates a dilemma play with fictional conflicts and issues from the employees 'own' lives.

Conflict management with ACT! enables the employees to:

  • take an active stance on the scenes along the way
  • to test and train proposed solutions and patterns of behavior
  • see the conflict from the counterpart's perspective
  • obtain a number of concrete possibilities for conflict management.


ACT! writes a manuscript or improvise

ACT! writes dilemma plays on conflict management in cooperation with your organization or our trained professional actors improvises the play based on the agreed framework.


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