Crisis management


A contingency plan for crisis management can not prevent crises from occurring, but it can prepare us for them so that damaging effects of negative events in the workplace is minimized.


Crisis management - focus on preparedness

ACT! offer customized courses in collaboration with Dansk Krisekorps ApS, where presentations, discussions, forum theater and forum plays can focus on crisis situations and/or result in a concrete crisis management plan:

  • What are our general opinions / attitudes towards crises?
  • Is it my, your or our responsibility?
  • How do we perceive and handle crises and crisis reactions?
  • How are we prepared for the crisis - and what is written down?
  • Are we talking about crises in the workplace?
  • How do we maintain a crisis contingency plan?
  • Do we have "fire drills" - practice and training?

Through forum theater that shows realistic crisis situations, participants will have an opportunity to test proposals for a contingency plan for crisis management, discussing attitudes and responsibilities.
And with support from Dansk Krisekorps ApS perhaps develop a concrete contingency plan.


Crisis management with Dansk Krisekorps 

Dansk Krisekorps ApS has more than 15 years of experience in crisis management, crisis reactions, contingency planning and training for specific crises.


Contact ACT! and learn more about how you can create a contingency plan for crisis management through interactive methods.