Workplace bullying


Workplace bullying - working on a plan of action

A plan of action about workplace bullying is one of the key parts in a good psychosocial work environment.
ACT! offers different ways to get this process started:

  • Roadshow on workplace bullying - ACT! works directly on each individual department or unit and can therefore cover the entire organization with the same focal point
  • Workshop on workplace bullying - ACT! bring participants together on one single theme day or contribute to a larger seminar on workplace bullying or psychosocial work environment
  • Module course on workplace bullying - ACT! runs a process spread over several separate modules into a deeper and more intensive process.

Workshops and processes on workplace bullying will often take place in an interaction between research based presentations and forum theater.

ACT!'s methods create an alternate reality as a playground.
In this way, participants will get close to workplace bullying without getting personally involved.


Workplace bullying - handling options

Through a process with ACT! on workplace bullying you obtain:

  • Improved knowledge and insight into different aspects of workplace bullying
  • Theoretical knowledge of concrete handling options for workplace bullying - and the theory illustrated in practice
  • Ability to reflect on psychosocial work environment and mental health in your own organization / workplace
  • Concrete dialogue and a starting point for developing a plan of action against workplace bullying.


Workplace bullying has an impact on the bottom line

Bullying, that continues without intervention, may increase the number of days on paid sick leave and employee wellfare will deteriorate.
In short, workplace bullying has an impact on the bottom line.


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