Role play


Role play is an integrated part of many of the processes that ACT! designes in collaboration with our customers.
Role play can also be used as a standalone module in leadership training, leadership development and human resource development.


Role playing with a professional actor

Role playing with ACT! involves a professional corporate actor.
The purpose of using professional actors in role playing is to create a case/situation as realistic and recognizable as possible.

In addition to this, training is often carried out with a reflecting team of colleagues.

You can choose to use your own human resource consultants or ACT! can provide a consultant or a process-actor to facilitate the process before and after the role play.


Role playing in a safe environment

In ACT!, we are committed to creating a safe training 'laboratory' for role playing, in order to encourage participants to try as many strategies as possible.

And since the role play is set in a fictional frame, you can try many different strategies without having to fear real-life consequences.

The cases for roleplaying is always prepared and costumized in close collaboration with the customer.


ACT! uses role playing in eg: 

Sales training

Leadership training

Communication training (eg The difficult conversationredeployment etc.)

Conflict management 

Training of leadership styles (eg SLII, Goleman, MBTI, etc.)


Contact ACT! if you want to know more about the process of role play with professional corporate actors.