Forum play


Forum play are an effective method in employee developement processes because it actively involves everyone present. Therefore, we use it a lot in processes of change and organizational development.


What is forum play, and what does it do?

Forum play is a theatrical method in which the employees produce small fictitious scenes based on dilemmas in their everyday workplace situations and challenges. The scenes is produced and played by the participants themselves.

The forum plays are then processed on stage under the guidence of ACT!'s process consultants. In turn, the different scenes is played repeatedly, incorporating input from the audience, until the participants feel that the dilemma has been resolved to their satisfaction.


Forum play for employee developement

Forum play makes the dilemmas and challenges in daily worklife very relevant and concrete for participants to relate to.
Forum play engage participants and illustrates conflicts that can be difficult to manage in everyday life - with the non-personal approach to dilemmas that is generated by the fictitional distance.

All participants can relate to the outcome of the forum play because dilemmas and issues becomes concrete on a general level.




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