Illustration play


ACT! provides vivid illustration plays for conferences and corporate events. Actors play different scenes to depict topics, dilemmas, theories, strategies etc. of your choice.


You can use the illustration play in:

  • Conferences, seminars and corporate events to launch a debate and dialogue.
  • Video material to be used in your organization, communication training, staff handbook etc.

An example of an illustrative play could revolve around discussing the company values​​.
The corporate values ​​can often end up very abstract and thus irrelevant to the company's employees.


This video "Værdier på spil" (in Danish) is a short video sequence that can form the basis for debate and discussion of the company values​​. 
An employee walks in to the secretary's office and takes some office supplies, he wants to bring home.
The scene clearly illustrates dilemmas, and the employees can easily discuss the company values ​​in practice, taking a starting point in the illustration play.

  • What kind of behavior do we find acceptable in our company?
  • What does the corporate values ​​mean to us?
  • How do we see the values ​​acted out in our department?


Illustration plays bring issues to life

Illustration plays can make abstract issues very concrete and relevant for the audience.

Dilemmas and issues become tangible and alive through an illustration play, and illustration plays are therefore very powerful inputs and tools to create an engaging basis for debate and discussion.

In cooperation with the customer ACT! writes a script, or the corporate actors can improvise dilemmas using keywords from previous debates and speeches.


ACT! has provided illustration plays to Novo Nordisk in a process regarding product development. (reference in Danish)