Forum Theatre - Interactive theatre


Forum theatre is interactive theatre - recognizable situations from every day work life being played by professional corporate actors from ACT! and processed by a consultant from ACT! based on input from the participants.


Forum theatre is interactive theater

In forum theatre it's essential that participants come up with their own solutions to dilemmas and situations they see on stage, and that they see the consequences acted during the play.

Forum theatre allows participants to test ideas on stage - either through instructing the actors or even perhaps taking on a role themselves.

The process of forum theatre is facilitated by a consultant from ACT!.


Benefits from using forum theatre

  • Forum theatre can leverage an organization development, change processes and the implementation of the new strategy.
  • Forum theatre illustrates and highlights specific situations in the workplace.
  • New ways of thinking, acting, managing and communicating are all generated by the participants themselves.
  • The new behavioral strategies are ready to be implemented and easy to relate to when the participants return to their daily lives.
  • Forum theatre allows participants to see the situation from several different angles, creating understanding for others' opinions and motives.

The scenes, which the actors play in a forum theatre, can be improvised or acted on the base of a manuscript written in collaboration with the customer.

A certain degree of improvisation will always be a part of forum theatre in order to process input from the audience.




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