Corporate actors


ACT!'s actors are all professional actors that have been specially trained to work in corporate and business context.

In ACT! we work with a dynamic group of professional and experienced corporate actors. The actors vary in terms of age, gender and background,  and derive from throughout the country.




ACT! provides corporate actors to:

  1. Corporate actors for training 
    Every kind of focus eg leadership training, leadership strategies and theories, diffficult conversations, presentation, sales training and coaching
  2. Corporate actors for training- and educational materials
    For example for video, CD-ROM and E-learning
  3. Corporate actors to illustration plays
    As a vivid basis for discussion, debate and dialogue
  4. Corporate actors for corporate films and speak
    Do you need a certain type or voice to your company presentation? Have a look at our actors

All actors in ACT! are professional actors

All of ACT!'s corporate actors have a lot of experience playing situations and roles in a business- or corporate context. This means that each actor can quickly familiarize themselves with the issues at stake in a specific company.

Using an actor you can create a dynamic input into course material, leadership courses or corporate events.

We usually provide actors to the above four main areas, but we're always eager to work with your new ideas and meet your specific needs.


Read what eg Danfoss have to say about using professional actors.

A lot more references in Danish


Do you need an actor to illustration play, training or anything else, call ACT! at +45 87 41 69 64 or send us an email at and we will get back to you asap.