Train the trainer


As a supplement to our offshore leadership education program, ACT! also offers a Train the Trainer course:
A course designed to train your own process facilitators and/or HRD consultants to conduct interactive workshops in the future.

This can also be implemented in your own education programs.


ACT!'s Train the Trainer course is for process consultants, internal and external trainers, HR managers, HR consultants and other people working in the field of communication.
The focal point is systemic and integral learning process management, using theater and role-play as the key elements.


Competent facilitators

The purpose of the course Train the Trainer is to train competent consultants to use role-play and theater as an additional tool in their teaching and/or process facilitation.


The course provides knowledge of a number of practical communication
and facilitating techniques based on the participants' own worklife.
The participants will gain in-depth knowledge and practical experience with the use of theater methods in process facilitation.


Theatre methods in use

Theatre methods can illustrate the handling of specific situations in the workplace.

The methods are interactive, so that the participants themselves provide suggestions for solutions and behavioral changes. The participants can therefore effectively relate to new behavioral groundrules and handling of difficult situations when they go back to work.

Fiction elements allows participants to see the situation from several angles, and it is often helpful for understanding different opinions and motives than one's own.

Download course description here.

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